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Class 8 Truck Sales

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Within four years of its introduction, the FLD had become the best-selling in Class 8 truck sales in North America.

Thats no coincidence: The FLD 120 and FLD 112 set the standard for what a conventional should look like, feel like, and what its manufacturer should do to support it. Continually tuned and enhanced through a decade of dialog with drivers, owners and technicians, the FLD has been named many times in independent surveys of trucks, as the best.

The Legendary Freightliner FLD

You know when you take ownership of a Freightliner FLD Conventional, that it represents the sum of refinements developed over billions of miles of real-work experience. Among these refinements has been the 70-inch Raised Roof SleeperCab, which quickly became the best-selling new model in Freightliner history. Significant refinements in easy-riding front springs, in advanced cab mounting systems and in superior air suspension technologies have made these trucks legendary for their exceptional ride characteristics.

If you demand the best for yourself, in value and performance, chances are the truck that made Freightliner No. 1 will be No. 1 with you.

But perhaps the strongest characteristic of all is the high degree to which Freightliner will custom engineer and build the FLD 120 and 112 to your personal specifications. The many different sleeper configurations available are just some of the most prominent of thousands of options available. From specifying powertrain components to instrumentation layout, sound systems and cabinetry, youre in command of your FLD even before it is built.

But however you spec your FLD 120 or 112, underneath it all will be a standard of quality in a class by itself. Its wide cab...woodgrained wraparound instrument layout...and its smooth, fatigue-fighting ride - all combine with an unparalleled support package that includes 24-hour/7-day-a-week parts and service at scores of Freightliner dealerships across the country.

Cab & Sleeper Configurations

      Day Cab

      40-Inch Sleeper Box .

      5O-Inch Sleeper Box .

      60- Inch Sleeper Box .

      60- Inch Raised Roof Sleeper Box

      Hi -Style 50-Inch Sleeper Box

      Hi-Style 64-Inch Steeper Box

      64- Inch Raised Roof Sleeper Box

      48-Inch Sleeper Raised Roof

      58-Inch Sleeper Cab

      70-Inch Sleeper Cab

      58-Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper Cab

      70- Inch Mid-Roof Sleeper Cab

      48-Inch Raised Roof Sleeper Cab

      70-Inch Raised Roof Sleeper Cab


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