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Freightliner Cascadia trucks for sale

When you spend three years building a truck with heavy emphasis on driver input you can expect better than average results. That is exactly what you will find in the Freightliner Cascadia and more-much more...

Leading-edge aerodynamic design is only part of the Cascadia’s "SelectCertified" equation. Built-in capability, productivity and reliability are also factors you’ll come to appreciate.
Even with its wider, taller cab, the Cascadia remains one of the lightest linehaul tractors on the market, ensuring maximum payload capacity.

 Responsive rack and pinion steering, a wheel cut of up to 50 degrees, and exceptional visibility
produce a highly maneuverable truck that is easier to drive. And ride?

The Cascadia will have drivers yearning for the road. An advanced front and rear cab mounting system reduces roll, vibration, noise and accompanying fatigue while it enhances “feel.” Freightliner front and rear suspensions elevate driving comfort to levels usually found only in fine automobiles.
Engine options with ratings from 350 to 550 horsepower include the most advanced, efficient diesel engines available from Detroit Diesel, Mercedes-Benz and Caterpillar. The Cascadia comes standard with a large 1,625
square-inch radiator and features a 1,755 square-inch option for cooling big-bore engines.

Best of all, the Cascadia is a truck you can count on, engineered and manufactured to log maximum revenue miles with round-the-clock reliability. Sure-footed agility and a healthy appetite for payload. Rack and pinion steering, a Freightliner innovation in heavy duty trucks, is available on the Cascadia. Through design research and development, our engineers developed a steering system that’s more responsive and provides tighter control. Rack and pinion steering is much more precise than integral gear systems, and because it utilizes a reduced number of parts and pivot points, it offers more accurately controlled wheel direction, reducing driver fatigue and boosting driver comfort.

The Cascadia’s set-back axle position and up to 50-degree wheel cut produce a short turning radius and
excellent maneuverability – qualities a driver can really appreciate in tight docking situations.

The benefits of smarter electronics. System Activation Modules (SAM) The Cascadia’s smart electrical design features system activation modules (SAM) that allow you to specify many things about how your trucks run on the job. With SAM, you can request that certain parameters be set for different operating conditions. For example, a fleet that wants the brake lights illuminated whenever the engine brake is activated can do so by having this parameter set. SAM can also make sure that your lights always go on along with your wipers to address visibility concerns. Heated mirrors can turn on automatically when a preset outside temperature is designated, or automatic door locks can engage at a certain speed. With traditional wiring systems, these functions would have to be specifically hard-wired to operate this way. SAM is dedicated to increasing the options available to fleets and substantially reducing the cost of implementing them.

Even minor improvements in fuel economy result in significant savings. This is why we are willing to go the extra mile.

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Bold new benchmarks in intuitive control.
You’re looking at one of the most efficient and comfortable environments ever developed for professional drivers. The Cascadia’s automotive-style wraparound dash puts switches and controls well within reach for decisive activation via strong, softtouch paddles. Backlit gauges, in three available packages, are easy to read day or night. Steering wheel mounted controls – for cruise, marker lights, engine brake and optional Driver Message Center – facilitate safer, less stressful operation. The steering column tilts and telescopes, furthering personalized and precise adjustment.
The dash is mounted low and combines with a large windshield, sloped hood and broader mirror coverage to offer excellent all-around visibility. Then there are the things you can only experience while underway. The positive feel and control from the rack and pinion steering, for instance. State-of-the-art climate control with 20 percent greater airflow than typical systems. The Freightliner SmartShift® control is mounted on the steering column and controls the optional automatic transmissions. This provides hands-on-the-wheel control and frees up space between the seats. All of this, combined with the hush of a uniquely quiet cab, and your driving experience will completely change

A lifestyle that’s alsostate-of-the-art.
The Cascadia’s luxury surrounds a driver with plush textures in both mid- and premiumlevel interior packages. Surfaces are gracefully curved with color that’s molded-in, not painted-on, for durability and lasting value. Amenities are plentiful. Raised-roof models – the ultimate in sleeper comfort – feature a towering 90 inches of headroom, double bunks and storage enough for two..





There’s no place like home, but whenyou’re on the road, there’s no place like the Cascadia.
A wall-mounted console controls all of the sleeper conveniences, including HVAC and the dome light. Accessory options include a TV installation package and large-capacity, front-loading refrigerator mounted where you can get to it without bending over. A pull-out desk offers a solid surface for filling out your log book, conducting business, operating your laptop or dining in comfort. The entire underbunk space is available for storage, accessible via outside baggage doors or
by raising the bunk with an easy-lift strut-assist mechanism.
Modular cabinet and storage options personalize the Cascadia’s interior space.
Choices include hanging closets, shelving, drawers and cabinets with doors inmultiple configurations.

Abundant lighting, well-planned and strategically placed, warms the interior. There are multifunction lights over the driver and passenger seats, a general dome light, a focused work light and a red map light. Even underbunk storage areas are well lit. Reading and work lights are exactly where they should be. And doorwell lights illuminate entry steps when the door is open. Whether you choose a mid- or raised-roof configuration, the Cascadia’s sleeper is luxurious and spacious, yet highly efficient. Drivers will find plenty of accessible storage for personal items and traveling essentials. Fabrics and surfaces are stain-resistant and easy to clean. Cabinets are modular in a highly customizable layout that can suit a driver perfectly. Choose from a variety of durable, rattle-free cabinet, shelving, accessory and workstation options. There’s room for a TV/VCR combo as well as a refrigerator that mounts at mid-level for straightforward entrance. Large, optional access doors facilitate sleeper access and parked ventilation. Tilt-out side windows with screened vents are also available for added ventilationand ambient light. Bunks are roomy, designed for quality rest, and easily lift to access underbunk storage. Sleeper controls are located close to the bunk, within arm’s reach (separate upper bunk panel optional).

1 Overhead Dome/Reading
2 Footwell Light
3 Exterior Step Lighting
4 General Sleeper Lighting
5 Lower Bunk Reading
6 Baggage Area Lighting
7* Writing Surface Lighting
8* Lower Bunk Convenience Light
9* Rear Footwell Lamp
* Optional lighting zones included in upgrade package.

At the end of the day you have a truck with a luxury car ride that is a pleasure to own and operate. You may be asking yourself are they really that much different? The answer is yes. Call me directly at 866-668-5156 for details on available Cascadia's in stock. You can see trucks for sale by clicking here.

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